CAM mercadel"The Ankle Collector"

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CAMERON MErcadel, 14 year old basketball athlete from lOS ANGELES CA.

Cam competes in an elite league where he demonstrates his hustle, ball-handling skills, and a great understanding of the game. Cam usually trains at least four hours a day, working to enhance his agility, strength, stamina, and speed. Despite Cam’s age, he’s already making waves on the court, heading to the high school varsity team on July 15th. Mercadel’s even been featured in a docu-series about young athletes that’s been viewed half a million times on YouTube. Cam grew up playing basketball and he’s never been afraid to put in the hard work. His results so far back this up. Cam thinks that documenting his personal journey is important, as it could inspire other basketball lovers to pursue their dreams. He wants other players his age to realize that with enough dedication and practice, they too could join the NBA someday and become the pros they always dreamed of. Cam’s looking ahead now varsity league and of course has his eyes on the NBA big leagues after he finishes his education.